Monday, September 7, 2009

Hi Mates!!
Well here I am, in the internet café once again. Its been just over two weeks since I arrived in England and things are going really great. I am starting to get used to certain things here, and am learning a lot at my new job. Training is going well and I am starting to feel more comfortable in my receptionist role.
My birthday past last week, thank you all for your kind wishes!! I worked from 7am – 3pm on my birthday and at the end of my shift my co-workers in the receptionist department surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers and a delicious cake. I also got a beautiful book called “Lakeland Landscapes” from my boss Mathew which features breath taking photo’s and loads of information about the must see attractions and landscapes here in the lake district because he knows I am determined to see as much as I can while I am here. We celebrated my birthday on Wednesday, September 2nd and it was sooo much fun. Here is a photo of the beginning of the night which started in the staff living room. Later we ventured out into the town to a club called stags where we danced and had a great time. Everyone here is just like me, they like to go out and have fun.
This week is a big week, there is a leaving party on Wednesday for Monica, a polish girl who is heading home for school, and one on Friday for my friend Andres, who is also heading home to Spain for another school year. That’s the thing about the hotel industry, people are constantly arriving and leaving. This Friday past we celebrated at a leaving party for my co-worker Hardik who is off to his home town in India. He leaves on Wednesday, and then his room will be painted and I will get to move in!! His room is decent size and also features a view of the lake! I am super excited!
On September 13th I will be travelling to Manchester with Mathew in his car to take Andres to the airport. I am excited to leave Windermere and see a bigger more famous city. Mathew and I will both be working that afternoon at 3pm so we won’t get to stay in the city for too long, but I am happy just to go along for the ride and bid my good friend a fond farewell.
I have learned that anyone who wants to come and visit me can stay at the Belsfield hotel for the very low rate of 20 pounds per night with a 50% discount off of all the restaurant food and bar drinks. Not a bad deal, so drivers start your engines and get out here!! I also learned that I will have a total of 28 days holidays because I get 20 for the year plus 8 days “bank holidays” not too shabby at all.
Well that is all for now, I am due at work in an hour and so I better get back to my room and get organized. I miss you all like mad and hope to hear from you any news from home. What is the weather like there? It is kinda sunny here today, first time in 5 days I have felt the warm rays. Its beautiful.
I will leave you with a list of words I have learned thus far. Chow Chow. Lots of love!!!

Daft – Slow, dumb, silly girl
Knackered – tired
Prom/push chair – baby carriage
Toilet – the bathroom
Quid – slang for pound
Bird – a girl
Bin liner – garbage bag
Rubbish – garbage
Chips – fries
Crisps – chips
Wangker – jerk
Hire – to rent
Car park – parking lot
I said the words “seeing eye dog” the other day and people nearly fell on the ground laughing! I also said that I was “Knickered” instead of “Knackered” which was hilarious for them because Knickers are women’s panties.

P.S. no one here eats bagels, and I am DYING for an everything bagel toasted with light cream cheese. I MISS TIMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Try the Crumpettes toasted with cream cheese. You might like it or at least get used to it.
    We are enjoying the Blog, keep it up!