Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween, Guy Fawkes & York

Me and Constantine
The Cathedral in York

Inside The Roman Castle Tower

Guy Fawkes Parents' house

My Halloween Costume!

“Remember, Remember the 5th of November”

Hello Friends and Loved Ones!!
Ohhhh how I miss you!! I’ve been having a great time here as usual.
Halloween passed a few weeks back and we had a big do to celebrate. I dressed up as a bee, which most of you know, is an insect that I am completely terrified of. I got my costume from the internet. Posted is a picture of it.
I was the only one of my group of friends to dress up that night, but once we got to the club there were loads of people dressed up and I think my friends were probably the only ones there without costumes. Most of them didn’t dress up because they are eastern European and dressing up is such a foreign idea for them. They just don’t do it back home and I think they would feel a bit strange to do it here. My other friends just couldn’t be bothered. But it was a great time and I really enjoyed that night.
Next was Guy Fawkes day, which regrettably I didn’t participate in, but heard and read a lot about it. Guy Fawkes was this guy who was involved in a plot (known as the gunpowder plot) to blow up the house of parliament and subsequently murder King Edward I and all of the Protestant and Catholic aristocracy. It was meant to go down on November 5th 1605 but the plan was foiled and Fawkes was sentenced to death. Now in Britain November 5th is known as Guy Fawkes day (also known as bon fire day)and an effigy of Fawkes is traditionally burnt in a large bonfire and people gather together and watch fireworks. It’s all very interesting. I didn’t go out or do anything that day because I worked late but I did see a beautiful display of fireworks from my window that were set off on the dock and exploded over the lake. It was amazing. The quote at the top is a verse from a famous poem about Guy Fawkes and the significance of Guy Fawkes day.
I also took a nice day trip to York with Judith on Monday. York is a lovely city in England full of history and culture. I think “New York” was named after it. Hahahaha. Guy Fawkes’s parents lived there and he was baptized in that city as well. Posted is a picture. We visited the ruins of an old Roman castle and we went to Viking museum because there was a period when York was inhabited by Viking settlers. The museum was pretty cool. You get to go on this ride, its like the ride “small world” at Disney land but on a smaller scale and you go through this recreation of what the Viking town looked like. It was really cool. It even had authentic Viking smells. It feels like you are there. It was worth checking out for sure. Posted is a picture of us dressed up in Viking armour.
I am getting really excited for my upcoming trip to Greece! I am going with Judith and 3 other girls! We fly into Athens on the 3rd of December and fly back on the 6th. If all goes as planned Judith and I are gonna stick around the London area on the 6th when we return and day trip it to Stonehenge. I hope the logistics work out, I have to work at 7am on the 8th, but we will try to make it happen.
Well since you all seem to get such a kick out of my British word lists, here is edition 3!

Poorly- Ill, not feeling well, bad health
Gob- mouth
Bloke- a man
Can’t be bothered, can’t be assed – not worth my time, don’t have patience for that
Leathered- drunk
Off your trolley- crazy, out of your mind
Ring – to call someone on the phone
Hash- refers to this symbol # which we know as the number sign and commonly as the pound symbol. They can’t call it that for obvious reasons, it would get confused with the symbol for their currency.
Prank- a missed call that is planned on purpose. Used when you don’t want to waste minutes on your cell phone. Example “just prank me when you are outside and I’ll come down and meet you”.
Nick- to steal
Kicking off- causing trouble, being a pain
Went pear shaped- things went wrong
Cocked up- messed up

I Miss you all and hope that everything is well at home. Love you sooo much!


Ps. Cheers !