Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Have Arrived

Hello my Loves! I have arrived in England safe and sound! The flight was long but the seats were comfortable and the food horrible. I didnt mind the flight at all. Afterwards, I had a short bus ride through the city of Edinburgh which was really cool. I arrived at Waverly station and purchased my ticket. Everyone there was so helpful because I had a hard time finding my platform. A security officer watched all of my luggage as I had to travel a long way back to get to the nearest washroom (It cost me 30 Pents to pee!). He was really nice and he asked me if I was American and when I told him I was Canadian he told me "you have to get a pin lass". Hahaha
During my layover in Oxenholme I met a very nice elderly couple who have stayed at the Belsfield. Small world.
The taxi ride from the rail station in Windermere was no longer than 5 minutes. I was expecting alot longer. Furthermore, the hotel is located pretty much in the centre of the town Bowness-on-Windermere. So I originally thought I would isolated here but that is not the case. There are lots of "shops" restaurants and businesses within very short walking distance. I am currently writing to you from an internet cafe just up the road. I dont have internet in my room yet. In fact I am not in my real room yet but in one of the actual hotel rooms for 3 weeks. The boss said that he didnt have staff accommodations available that would suit me just yet, so there will be a switch once one of the receptionists leaves. The building where I will be moving is supposed to be pretty nice. All of the staff tell me it is where the management and reception staff are located and it is way nicer than where they keep the cleaning and kitchen staff.
Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. There are a few people from England that work at the hotel but there are many international people like me. I have met some people already and they have been nice to show me around and they took me out to a British pub last night for a pint. It was really packed but we had a good time and then later at the pizza shop I saw a British woman, likely around 40 yrs old, just completely loaded, start a fist fight with a security guard. Also, there was a group of younger Brits leaving the pub and as the crossed the street one of them called something out and then all of them immediately laid down on the middle of the road. It was bizarre. My Spanish friends here make fun of the Brits and during the fight at the pizza shop my friend Anne said “Welcome to England, this is normal here”. It was pretty funny. My first day of work is Monday and I am excited to get into work mode. I am heading out to dinner tonight with some people I have met here. The staff food is edible at best, but what can you expect at 80 pounds per month for room and board. My converter for the power outlets works great for my hair dryer but not my laptop. I need to look into getting a converter so I can plug it in. Right now I am relying completely on battery life! Anyways, that is all for now. I will be posting some pictures as soon as I have power for my laptop.
Sending lots of English love,



  1. Wow Carlie, witness to a fight already!! Ha too funny!! I would have loved to have seen that!
    Glad to hear that the flight was good, and that everyone is very kind to you! It would be very hard if they werent.
    Get me some sort of souvenier that you know i would like, (something to do with booze) preferably hahaha not sure how to spell that!!
    Anyways, have a good time and no fighting, leave that up to the 40 yr old women!!! Miss you lots! Be safe!
    Oh and P.S. dont forget about the signature from Gordon Ramsey, you have a year!!! Hahaha just kidding!! Im leaving now cuz im rambling on, have a good one!

  2. 30 pents to pee? How much do they charge to poo I wonder? lol. Love you sis. Have fun!